1. General

1.1 How do I sign up for H4?

Sign up on our website using your work email. If your organization is yet to be approved by H4 please reach out to us at help@hfour.com and we can walk you through the process. Please note you won’t be able to use your personal email address to access the platform.

If you need further assistance call us at +1 (646) 485-5145.

1.2 What is 2-factor authentication?

2-factor authentication, or 2FA, adds an extra layer of security to your account, preventing unauthorized access, even if your password is compromised.

On sign in, you’ll be required to enter a single-use code from your phone. This code can be generated by an authenticator app or sent to your phone via SMS. H4 recommends using an authenticator app, as there can be some delay when retrieving authentication codes via SMS.

1.3 What happens if I don't enable 2-factor authentication?

You’ll still be able to access the H4 platform if you don't enable 2FA, but you’ll not be able to access the deals you’re part of that have yet to be made public.

1.4 I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do?

Navigate to the H4 sign in screen and click "Forgotten your password?". You’ll then be prompted to enter your email address and receive a password reset code to your inbox. After you enter the code, you’ll be able to create a new password.

1.5 SMS based 2FA is not working. What do I do?

There can be a delay between requesting and receiving a code when using SMS based 2FA. If you continue to have trouble, we recommend switching to the authenticator app based 2FA, and downloading the Google Authenticator app or another time-based authenticator app.

If the issue persists, please contact us at help@hfour.com or call us at +1 (646) 485-5145.

1.6 I just registered but haven't received a verification email. What do I do?

Please complete the following:

  1. Check your spam folder.
  2. Make sure you're accessing the platform via Chrome.
  3. Click "Resend verification code".

If you’re still unable to access the platform, please contact your main support contact, or help@hfour.com.

1.7 What's the difference between a "public" and "private" side user?

Private side users have access to inside company information that is not available to the general public. These are generally bankers and lawyers.

Public side users have access only to publicly available information (annual reports, SEC filings etc). This is generally the buy-side community.

Apart from the data that you can access, the type of user you identify as will not impact your use of the H4 platform.

1.8 I filled out my personal details incorrectly. How do I correct them?

To change your personal details:

  1. Move your cursor over your name on the top right of the screen.
  2. Click "Profile".
  3. Click "Edit profile".
  4. Select the fields you wish to edit, and enter the correct information.

Please note, some of the fields are auto-populated based on the information you provide (i.e. organization & email). If these are the fields you wish to edit, please contact our team at help@hfour.com or call us at +1 (646) 485-5145.

1.9 Can H4 train our associates to use the platform?

H4 has a designated team to help with the onboarding and training process. Feel free to contact your accounts team member directly

1.10 I have a new job. How do I access H4 from my new company?

You'll need to create a new account with your new work email address. Click "Create an account" on the sign up screen.

1.11 Is my personal information secure? Who can see it?

Your data is fully encrypted at-rest (stored physically on media/databases), as well as in-transit (while moving between H4 servers and your browser).

For more information about the data we collect and what we do with it, please see the H4 Privacy Notice.

1.12 Where is my information stored?

H4 is hosted entirely in AWS. Our primary data site is in AWS region us-east-1 (N. Virginia) and our disaster recovery site is in AWS region us-west-2 (Oregon).

2. Library

2.1 How many deals do you have in your library?

We currently have around 1,700 documents in our library. This represents a significant portion of outstanding deals in the high yield universe issued over the past 7 years. Our documents are a combination of OMs and indentures.

We update our library regularly and continue to add 144A deals under a specific access model. If you can’t find the deal that you want, please email us at help@hfour.com or send us a document at documents@hfour.com and we will upload it.

2.2 Do you have 144A deals on your platform?

Yes, H4 does have 144A deals. However, due to their confidentiality, only users with certain permissions have access to them. You’ll have access if you’re a QIB, if you were one of the parties involved in the deal’s initial offering (e.g. a bookrunner, lawyer, or auditor), or if you can prove you have the document.

2.3 Can I search for a specific term in the library?

You can search for specific bonds based on either their key characteristics (industry, rating, size etc.) and/or search the underlying content of the documents for specific words or phrases.

2.4 Can I search by law firm?

You can search by specific law firm by entering its name into the “Search” tool. You can filter the results too, depending on whether the firm was an Issuer’s Counsel or Underwriter’s Counsel. You can also search for an Auditor or Sponsor (if it was a Sponsor deal).

Note: If you want to search specifically for a law firm that was an Issuer’s Counsel on the deal, you can do so by checking the “Issuer’s Counsel” under the “Column” tab on research.

2.5 Can I search for a specific issuer using its ticker?

To search for an issuer using its ticker, simply enter the ticker into the search bar.

2.6 Can I search using a CUSIP / ISIN?

To search with a CUSIP or ISIN, simply enter it into the search bar.

2.7 How can I filter results in the library?

There are a number of filters that can be applied to the library, including:

  1. Currency (USD, EUR, GBP etc.)
  2. Size of the Issue (example: show deals in the range of 400-500MM)
  3. Coupon Rate (example: show deals with Interest rate from 5-6%)
  4. Maturity Date (example: show bonds expiring between 2028 and 2045)
  5. Coupon Type (example: show fixed or floating rate)

You can see all possible filters by clicking on the "Advanced filters" button and selecting which filters you would like to use in your search.

If there's a filter you would like us to add, please let us know at help@hfour.com.

2.8 What if a deal is not drafted on the H4 platform?

We update the library on a regular basis, so you should see an H4 version of a deal document, with all H4 functionalities, shortly after the deal prices.

2.9 Can I see the original document or only the H4 versions?

Yes. If the original document is on Edgar, it will be located under the metadata tab on the left side as "Link to original document”.

3. Draft

3.1 How do I create a deal?

Create a deal by selecting “Request new deal” on the home page. Once you create the deal, the H4 Accounts Team will get in touch with you to confirm that you'd like to proceed and assist with the necessary paperwork. Only certain organization profiles will have the ability to “Request a new deal.” If you believe you should have this functionality but don’t, please contact us at help@hfour.com.

3.2 Why can't I see any deals under the "My deals" section? How do I access deals I should be on?

You won’t be able to see any deals under your "My deals" tab if you aren’t currently a part of or have been invited to a live deal.

If you should have access to a deal and you’re not able to see it under "My deals", your deal team will need to invite you. They can do this by going to the "Team" tab on the platform and clicking "Invite". They’ll be able to invite you as an Editor or a Reader, depending on your role on the deal.

3.3 Can I invite people from other institutions to my deal?

Currently, anyone you add to your deal will be able to view the entire history of the document and all the associated attachments. You should make sure that you’re comfortable to allow this level of access before adding any new deal team member.

Permission management tools that enable bespoke content sharing within a deal will be added to the platform in the future. This will allow individuals from different institutions to work collaboratively on the platform.

3.4 Can I upload a .doc file?

Only .docx files are supported in the Editor. Please convert your .doc file to .docx before trying to upload.

3.5 My document won't upload. What do I do?

Please check the following:

  1. The format. Here’s a list of supported formats depending on where the document is being uploaded.

    Uploading attachments:
    .xls, .xlsx, .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .docx, .pdf

    Inserting a file in document:
    Image: .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg
    Table: .xls, .xlsx
    Uploading MS Word: .docx only
    Uploading file: .docx

  2. The size. Files over 20MB can't be uploaded.
  3. Macros. Documents that contain macros can't be uploaded.

If you’re still unable to upload the document, please contact your main support contact, or help@hfour.com.

3.6 My document was uploaded successfully, but I didn’t follow the Structured Document Guide. What do I do?

To ensure that there are no issues with your document, we recommend getting help with formatting from our accounts team. Please email your accounts team member to arrange a formatting review.

3.7 How do I upload images / Excel tables to my documents?

To upload images and Excel tables to your document:

  1. Select the document that you want to upload an image/Excel file to.
  2. Click "File" then "Start Editing".
  3. Click the section of the document into which you’d like to insert your table or image.
  4. Click "Insert".
  5. Select the image or Excel table.
    1. If you haven’t uploaded your image or Excel file to the “Attachments” tab, select the "Upload" tab then drag and drop your file(s). OR
    2. If the content has already been uploaded to the “Attachments” tab move to step 7.
  6. Select the image/Excel file(s) you wish to upload.
  7. Click "Insert".

3.8 How do I delete images / charts?

To delete an image/chart from a document, select it in the Editor and press delete/backspace. To delete the image/chart from the platform, access it in the "Attachments" tab and click "Delete".

3.9 Are formulas included in the Excel documents downloaded from H4?

Formulas are not included in data downloaded to Excel from H4. All H4 data is hardcoded.

3.10 How do I add team members to my deal? What will they be able to do?

Adding a team member is easy. Once you’re in your deal:

  1. Select the "Team" tab.
  2. Click "Invite".
  3. Enter the team member's work email.
  4. Add their User Role:
    • Editors can edit and read the document.
    • Readers can only read the document.

Instructions will then be sent to them via email. You’ll be able to see invited team members under the "Team" tab.

Please note: team members can see all of the document’s version history.

3.11 How do I create a front cover on H4?

When you start editing a document:

  1. Click on “Tools”.
  2. Click “Front cover”. Select and fill in the necessary sections.

Note: Please disregard the description of the offering that you would have on on the front cover of a historical document (all the small text in the middle of the page). This is not included in the front cover produced on H4.

The sections in our tool correspond to the various elements of the front cover. If you have any further questions, please contact us at help@hfour.com or call us at +1 (646) 485-5145.

3.12 What’s included on the front cover of an H4 document?

The information in the front cover remains standard. However, since an overwhelming majority of market participants don’t read the company notes and offering description contained in small print in the middle of the front cover, H4 has removed this information to create a cleaner appearance. If you have any questions, please ask your H4 accounts team member for more information or email the team at help@hfour.com.

3.13 How do I finalize a document and get a shareable link?

Once a deal is ready to be distributed:

  1. Issuer’s Counsel (IC) should go into the deal, click on the “Investor Kit” tab and click "Create New" (This doesn’t mean the document has been sent or distributed, only that it’s ready for launch).
  2. The IC will then be prompted to input the necessary details and select the correct document(s). After checking the accuracy of the information, they should select “Finalize”.
  3. A pop-up will appear prompting the IC to share the link to the Investor Kit with other users. This link can then be sent to the relevant bank syndicate desk(s) to be distributed to investors. Once the deal has been priced and is public, it will be moved to the appropriate library (i.e. High Yield, High Grade, etc.).

Note: H4 is not distributing securities so the bookrunning banks will retain full control of that.

3.14 Which formats can I export a document in?

You can export documents in .pdf and .docx formats.

3.15 How do I export a document?

You can export your document in.docx/.pdf. When viewing your deal:

  1. Click on the “Documents” tab.
  2. Hover your mouse over the ellipsis to the left of the document you wish to export.
  3. Click "Export" on the dropdown list.
  4. Select your desired export format from the pop-up window.
  5. Click “Export” in the bottom right.

Your document will then be exported.

3.16 Will H4 print the OMs?

If your team needs to print an OM, please let us know by emailing us at help@hfour.com or call us at +1 (646) 485-5145.

3.17 How do I compare my deals to the historic library?

There are various ways to compare deals on H4. Please contact us at help@hfour.com if you have further questions.

3.18 After the deal is priced and out on the market, how long will it take for me to see that document on the H4 library?

If the deal was drafted on the H4 platform, the deal will be listed in the appropriate library shortly after the deal has closed.

If the deal was not drafted on the H4 platform, a fully functional H4 version of the Description of Notes will also be available shortly after pricing.

3.19 How does invoicing work?

H4 charges a fixed fee, and typically contracts with the issuer of the securities.

50% of the fee is incurred on creation of the deal, and 50% on distribution of the “Red” to the market. The invoice, with 30 day payment terms, is issued after the “Black” is distributed.

If you’d like to find out about the cost of your deal, please speak to your accounts team member directly.

Need more help? Submit your question to us at help@hfour.com.