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H4 enables faster search and decision making for Trussle

H4 is delighted to announce our platform is enabling faster search and decision-making for Trussle GC Leah Brown and her team, by digitising their funding documents and NDAs. H4 has delivered Trussle two digital libraries of historic documents – deploying H4’s digitisation service to tag and upload Trussle’s documents to H4 using a bespoke data schema designed specifically for Trussle. 


“I just love H4, particularly when it’s 3am and I need to find a specific clause in a particular document. It’s been great that I can trust my team will easily find the documents I need. I can also selectively and securely share documents on platform on a need-to-know basis with external counsel.”

Leah Brown, General Counsel at Trussle

H4 and Trussle are now exploring how H4’s collaboration suite will help Trussle collaborate better and negotiate faster.

Working with Leah and Jen from Trussle has been an absolute joy. It’s been great to explore the range of our technology and how it’s just as useful for a two person legal team as for that of a global bank or corporate. We’re excited to support them as they continue to collaborate with their counsel and other third parties on platform and as they roll out to new document types

Miranda Staveley, Head of Customer Success at H4

H4 is helping in-house legal teams stay on top of their current and historic legal documentation. Our in-house digitisation service means H4 can deliver digitised libraries of historic documents, helping clients leverage these for commercial analyses, internal collaboration, negotiations and much more.

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