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H4 announces $27m investment.

H4 announces that it has received investments of approximately $27 million from a consortium including J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Linklaters.

H4 is a digital platform for the creation and analysis of documents. Our technology is transforming how documents are created, data is captured and content is understood. H4 is headquartered in London with approximately 120 employees.

In capital markets, our technology has already been used successfully on transactions involving four of the world’s leading banks and fourteen of the world’s leading law firms to raise billions of dollars in the US and European high yield bond markets.

The pain points we address with our technology apply across financial services, and we are now rolling out H4 across a number of other use cases. In this domain, a huge amount of time and resource goes into creating and understanding documentation, and we look forward to helping our customers increase efficiency and improve their capability by leveraging H4.

“The H4 team are solving the pain of using decades old technology for the contracts that lie at the heart of the financial and legal industries. We just can’t accept that such important industries are still reliant on outdated tools when technology can unlock so much more, particularly during this time of remote work.”

Joe Seifert, CEO & Co-founder of H4

The series of investments, completed earlier this year, provides these institutional investors collectively with a minority stake in H4 and will help to fuel further growth of the platform as we expand from our initial use cases and customers.

H4 was the first company to join the J.P. Morgan’s In-Residence Program and Michael Elanjian, Head of Digital Innovation at J.P. Morgan remarked, “H4 has a strong relationship with J.P. Morgan and we’re excited to see the momentum in digitizing documents and capturing data at the point of creation – this is a corner of the industry that is ripe for change.”

H4 blends the industry knowledge of seasoned finance professionals and lawyers with the ingenuity and perspective of expert designers and engineers to build industry-transforming technology. “The need for meaningful solutions in the digital document space across financial services is immense,” commented Sarah Shenton, a Growth Equity Investor at Goldman Sachs. “H4 is very well positioned to be at the forefront of delivering solutions with significant impact to both our firm and the industry.”

One aspect of H4’s technology platform is enabling users to collaborate efficiently to create documents. Dan Packham, a Director at Barclays Ventures, discussed the usability of the platform: “H4 not only streamlines existing process but adds a valuable resource for curating documents and is transforming the way we work. We are pleased to be working more closely with H4 as they enter a new and exciting growth period.”

H4’s platform is set to revolutionise the way legal documents are created and used. Paul Lewis, Global Head of Finance at Linklaters, said “We are excited to have entered into a strategic partnership with H4. The digital platform is revolutionising the way we use legal documents in our capital markets practice. Our clients are already receiving value from the technology in the production of prospectuses and we are exploring where else we can extend its use so that more clients can benefit from this new and exciting technology.”

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