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H4 digital repository - a single source of truth for all your contracts.

All your documents and data, stored in one place.
Search, share and analyse.
Quickly find contracts

Quickly search and filter a single source of truth for all your internal and client documentation, across the business.

Digitised precedents & templates

All your precedents, templates and playbooks available for quick access, drafting, sharing and detailed multi-document clause comparison.

Fully custom data model

Configurable data models to track and manage custom data important to your organisation.

Extract actionable insight through custom data points

All documents as data

Quickly search and track key data points, e.g. renewal dates, contract value, indemnities, contact details etc as key data points.

Generate actionable insight

Generate and download reports for critical business-wide insights and view a 360° dashboard of your entire repository.

Advanced in document search

Search the content across your entire contract repository instantly with H4’s free text search, layer on data filters as required.


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