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Legacy contract migration & digitisation

Moving from paper and PDF is difficult, so leave data extraction and migration to us.



Advanced extraction technology

We OCR your documents and use NLP and machine learning-based extraction technologies to capture contract data.


Full implementation tailored to your needs

We follow a collaborative model to ensure you get the documents and data you need accurately and on time. 


Expert team of document specialists

Our experienced team of specialists are trained on digitising complex documents for global organisations.


Fully searchable contract repository

All your contracts digitised in a dynamic contract repository giving your 360° vision across your contract data.

Migration & digitisation process

We extract data and digitise your 'paper' contracts using the best combination of AI and human expertise.

Deposit files into H4

Securely deposit all of your data and documents into an H4 deal room ready for digitisation & extraction.

Data extraction & QA

H4 extracts clauses, dates and other key data points using a combination of AI and expert quality assurance by our team.

Deploy H4 repository

H4 populates the repository with your documents and extracted data ready for search, reporting & analysis.

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